New Interchange Ramp Eliminates Commercial Use


Recreational Use - Miniature Golf, Fishing & Go-Kart Track: Before the Taking, this 5.0 acre Commercial Site was visible from busy highway interchange, and was a popular recreational business featuring Miniature-Golf, Fishing, and a Go-Kart Track.

After the Taking, the Remainder is only 1.7 acres. A new, 20 ft. high elevated highway ramp was constructed in the Permanent Take Area, which now blocks views to the 1.7 acre Remainder from passing traffic, damaging the value of the commercial value of the remaining property.

OFFER: $951,480 . . . SETTLEMENT: $2,150,000

NOTE: Eminent Domain law is complex and changes frequently. Past case results do not indicate or guarantee future results.
Every case has unique facts and circumstances and must be considered on its own merits.

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