Church Damaged by Increased Proximity to Highway

OFFER: $4,334 . . . SETTLEMENT: $84,446


The widening of a rural roadway moved a busy travel lane that was close to the church before the take, even closer to the front of the church. After the Take, the right-of-way is within a few feet of the Church’s porch columns. The road carries a heavy volume of semi-tractor trailer and car traffic, and the busy travel lane is now right next to the new curb.

After the Take, the reduced front yard area:

  • Eliminates room for gatherings outside the church for events, such as weddings and funerals,

  • Causes great difficulty maneuvering a casket in and out of the front doors, and

  • Creates a concern for children being close to the nearby highway travel lanes.

To protect the children, the fence was installed as shown in the photo above, however the fencing does make funerals, weddings, and any other gatherings in front of the church much more cramped and difficult.


NOTE: Eminent Domain law is complex and changes frequently. Past case results do not indicate or guarantee future results.
Every case has unique facts and circumstances and must be considered on its own merits.

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