Our Personal Injury Verdicts & Settlements

$2,150, 000 Wrongful Death Settlement in Trucking Accident

We represented the spouse and the family of a lady who was a pedestrian who was run over and killed by a semi-tractor trailer that had defective brakes. After retaining experts and cross-examining the driver, we were able to show that the trucking company patched a brake line that could have easily been replaced for a small amount of money. The case was settled before trial.

Man Struck by Forklift Suffers Low Back Injury - Settled for $485,000

Our client was a truck driver who was making a pick up at a warehouse. When he walked into the warehouse to find out when he would be able to pick up his load, the operator of a forklift loaded with pallets, drove around a corner and directly into our client. Our client suffered low back injuries, and required lumbar disc surgery. In establishing liability, we were able to show that the forklift driver violated provisions of the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) regulations that require a horn on forklifts, and mirrors at certain intersections.

$919,000 Verdict when Commercial Vehicle Veered into Path of SUV

Our client was driving on a 2-lane road when a commercial vehicle traveling in the oncoming lane suddenly veered across his path, causing a collision. Our client incurred injuries including a shoulder fracture and a hip fracture. We presented extensive testimony of the treating surgeon, and of an expert Accident Reconstructionist. The jury verdict was $919,000.

$400,000 Settlement for Man Struck on Motorcycle

Our client was riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle when he was struck by a negligent driver who ran a stop sign. Our motorcyclist client was thrown into the air and suffered a fractured ankle and a fractured clavicle. The negligent party did not have insurance coverage. We settled the claim with the motorcyclist’s insurance carrier under his Uninsured Motorists Coverage policy for $400,000.

Recovery of $450,000 for Woman whose SUV was Rear-Ended and Shoved into Telephone Pole

We represented a 75-year old woman who was driving her SUV when she was rear-ended by a small commercial truck and shoved into a telephone pole. She incurred neck injuries that required cervical disc surgery, and shoulder injuries. The case was settled for $450,000

Recovery of $300,000 for Man Severely Burned when Neighbor threw Kerosene on Backyard Fire

Our client was burning yard debris in his backyard when a neighbor unexpectedly threw Kerosene on the fire, resulting in burns to our client’s face, arms and hands. Although the neighbor did not intend to injure our client, we showed that under Ohio Law, Kerosene is an inherently dangerous product, and that the neighbor acted negligently when he violated a reasonable duty of care by throwing the Kerosene on the fire.  

Premises Liability - $300,000 Settlement for Injuries caused by Handicap Ramp not Properly Marked

Our client tripped and fell over an unmarked edge of a handicap ramp,  suffering a hip fracture. We retained an expert who rendered an opinion that the handicap ramp did not meet Ohio Building Code requirements, which require railings or contrasting color along the edge of the ramp for safety reasons.

Neck Injury Settled for $300,000

Our client was rear ended on I-75 and suffered neck pain. She was treated with steroid injections in her neck, which only temporarily relieved her pain. She underwent neck surgery, referred to as a “Cervical Discectomy” to remove the bulging disc in her neck that was compressing the nerve.

Man Attacked and Bitten by Dog Recovers $265,000

Our client was attacked and bitten by a homeowner’s pit-bull mixed breed dog. The bite resulted in puncture wounds and nerve injury to our clients arm. We resolved the claim for $265,000 prior to filing suit.

Client Receives for $250,000 Injuries Caused by Rear-End Collision

Our client was rear-ended while he was stopped at a red light. He suffered painful neck injuries, and given cervical (neck) injections to try to alleviate the pain. He later underwent cervical (neck) disc fusion surgery to address continuing neck pain. We settled the claim at the limits of the negligent party’s policy, which were $250,000.

Rotator Cuff Tear in Shoulder Resolved for $200,000

An elderly man’s vehicle was broadsided in an intersection by a negligent driver. Our client suffered a rotator cuff tear, which required arthroscopic surgery to repair the shoulder. We were able to demonstrate how the shoulder injury interfered with our client’s hobbies, such as playing golf, bowling, and doing activities around the house, such as gardening.

Rib Fractures and Ulnar Fracture - Resolved for $224,000

An elderly man was a passenger in a car and was injured when a negligent driver ran through a stop sign and hit the car broadside.  Our client had rib fractures, a fracture of the ulnar bone in his arm, and facial lacerations. 

As a result of the negligent party liability limits, which were inadequate to cover the claim, we also recovered under the Underinsured Motorists Coverage provision from our client’s auto insurance carrier.

Woman Injured Trying to Avoid a Roll of Carpet on Highway Rolling Toward Her

Our client was driving on a highway going up a hill when she saw a roll of carpet, rolling down the highway toward her. She swerved to avoid hitting the carpet, and her vehicle went airborne into the concrete median, causing severe bodily injuries. It was not known how the carpet roll ended up on the highway. We asserted a claim under the Uninsured Motorists Coverage Policy of our client’s auto insurance policy, which had limits of $100,000. We obtained a verdict of the full limits of $100,000 after a trial.

Premises Liability – Woman Knocked Down by Door that had a Faulty Mechanical Door Closer

Our client was walking through the doorway at a commercial property when a self-closing door closed abruptly, striking her and knocking her to the floor, causing hip injuries. We retained an expert who viewed the door closer, and concluded that the door closer was not adjusted properly. We settled the claim for $90,000.

Low Back Injury Caused by Cargo Falling Out of Truck onto Highway- $235,000 Settlement

We represented a lady who was driving on Interstate 275 when several rolls of tarp fell off of the back of a truck in front of her. When our client swerved to avoid the tarps, her vehicle rolled over. We established liability by relying on various provisions of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act that required loads to be secured. Our client underwent arthroscopic surgery to treat the disc injury that she incurred.

$198,897 Jury Verdict for Injury Caused by Unmarked Excavation Site

While driving his Ford F-150, our client pulled off the road to turn around on a vacant lot. Unknown to our client, a building had been removed from the property, and the contractor left the 10-foot deep foundation hole open, without any warning tape or signs. Our client drove into the hole, crashing 10-feet down to the bottom of the foundation, and suffered neck injuries.

The case was complicated because prior to suffering neck injuries in the crash, our client had been off work for over 6 months due to neck problems. We were able to show the jury that the grossly negligent conduct of the construction company caused aggravation of our client’s pre-existing condition.

NOTE: Past case results do not indicate or guarantee future results. Every case has unique facts and circumstances and must be considered on its own merit.